About RFPs and other opportunities:

Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. is often contacted by corporations looking to distribute their RFPs (Request for Proposals) or RFIs (Request for Information) to appropriate companies for response. These may be searches for multicultural advertising agencies, market research firms, diversity consultants and many other types of communications firms.

For companies with an RFP: MMR can post these RFPs here for viewing for all website visitors or can forward your RFP to selected companies based on your criteria. To post an RFP please send an email to Lisa Skriloff, President, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. at lisa@multicultural.com or call 212-242-3351.

To join the list of companies who receive RFPs, a service for companies listed in the MMR Experts Directory, sign up at http://multicultural.com/sourcebook/get_listed or contact us

Here are some examples of RFPs we have been asked to distribute/source companies. 

Seeking a Multicultural Advertising Agency

"The Marketing Department is seeking to partner with a multicultural agency that will assist in the creation of a comprehensive strategy taken from our current brand platform and seasonal campaign that resonates with the multicultural communities residing within our trading area." (A sports team organization)

Seeking a Hispanic PR/Advertising Agency

  1. Lisa, Hope this email finds you well. Wanted to reach out and see if you knew of a solid Hispanic  PR / Media relations shop in NYC? We are looking to partner with someone on a healthcare campaign, so I thought you would know right away. Thank you
  2. "We are looking for Hispanic agencies to support CMS (content management system) in planning, developing, producing, delivering and executing a multi-media outreach campaign to reach Spanish-speaking persons with Medicare and their health care influencers."

Seeking a Multicultural Events Agency

"Hello, I was perusing 'The Source Book of Multicultural Experts' and am inquiring as to whether you have any recommendations or insight regarding potential Events agencies that specialize in reaching the multicultural audience, specifically African American and Hispanic.  I am in Marketing and have been working with our Events team to seek out events agencies that can bring us new and more focused thinking.  Thank you." (Fortune 500 retail company)

Seeking a Multicultural Research/Strategic Planning Firm

  1. "We're looking for a research company who provides an online Hispanic panel to conduct product testing. However, this panel has to be somewhat representative of the Hispanic market. Most companies will say they have acculturated Hispanics in their online panel and will complement unacculturated Hispanics with off line methods. That is not our desire...We're truly looking for doing research for unacculturated and acculturated Hispanics on line. If you can help us with that challenge, great."
  2. "We are seeing a decrease in our business and my goal is to dig into both the Asian market as well as the Hispanic market regarding consumption to see the trends, etc. and then create a program to begin reversing. I just came on board to this 1 year ago so that was put on hold and now I am investigating next steps. Do you have any direction / advice or suggestions to move forward in gathering anything that is available (from whoever) for consumption, population, trends, etc. for Asian specifics by city/state, etc.? Any advice/direction is greatly appreciated." (Produce Suppliers Organization)
  3. We need a Top Shelf International Import / Export Marketing Plan written right away. - Maria's Cup, Inc. (MCC) is a specialty coffees & teas import / export company providing international full service distribution of high-end coffees, custom teas and beverage-related supplies. We are deploying our strategic plan to develop Maria's Cup, Inc. import / export business within the top 10 coffee & tea producing countries. We are based in NYC, NY and presently finalizing paperwork to begin set-up of import/export operations in Addis Abba, Ethiopia. Develop Campaign & shop to MCC top 50 US & International Coffee / Tea / Specialty Beverage Importers Marketing Company - Create international marketing plan, develop the materials, and create top-shelf presentations for MCC to all possible buyers of imported specialty coffees & teas and high end beverage-related products. Ultimately, we want to shop MCC to US & International Coffee/Tea importers-distributors, delicacy shops-Bloomingdales, specialty coffee vendors-houses, top-shelf espresso houses and stands, large chain supermarkets, offices/businesses, and the homes of specialty coffee & tea lovers throughout the world.

Seeking a Multicultural Speaker

"I have a request for a speaker based in Philadelphia (but could be from Boston or New York or somewhere around that area) who in an ideal world would be: a Mandarin speaker, social media/marketing expert, someone who has worked started a business or worked with a business in the social media sphere. The topic is effective online marketing in international markets.  It will be presented to a 100% academic audience in May.  There will be a speakers fee, and the presentation will be in English."