Press Referral Program

Reporters from mainstream & ethnic media often contact us looking for sources on multicultural marketing or advertising and issues regarding diversity. We can refer them to you, if appropriate for your company. You can opt to “pass” on a referral if you do not wish to respond.


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Sample Press Queries

From NY Daily News:
Hi Lisa. Hope you are well. I am looking for New York City small business owners to interview for an article about the economy. Do have any suggestions?  I am looking for established, articulate small business owners. One or two ideas would be great.

From CNN:
I am working on a story about Corporate Diversity. I would like to talk to an expert who can speak to the current trends and new findings in this area. I want to talk about why diversity is important and perhaps get specifics on the financial benefits of diversity and new corporate initiatives in this area (i.e., has the push for gay marriage changed any corporate policies on corporate diversity?)

This story airs next week so I would like to talk to someone today or tomorrow about this. Initially I would like to speak to someone for background but might want the person for a taped interview.

From The Los Angeles Times:
I’m looking for someone from the company to comment on a story I’m writing. The focus is on the use of English subtitles in Spanish-programming. Telemundo is the only Spanish-speaking network to offer English captions to many of their prime time offerings. And with a handful of telenovelas being cross-promoted on Spanglish networks such as Mun2 and MTV Tr3s recently, English subtitles are essential to maintain the duality of their programming. The story will sort of look at how the use of English subtitles helps build/hinders ties for second-and-third generation viewers to their cultural roots. Wanted to get the company’s marketing perspective on this topic. Any suggestions on whom I should speak with?

From Crain's NY:
I am looking for an NYC-based marketing expert who can offer advice on how small businesses can use census data to target their marketing effectively. I am looking for an expert who is using census data to inform current marketing campaigns.

From Med Ad News:
I'm interested in comment on trends and strategies that pharmaceutical marketers are using, or should be using, for multicultural marketing -- what works, what doesn't, and what new ideas might be available for facing this challenge.

Testimonials from Journalists

From the Associated Press Latin American Desk:
Hello Lisa,
I would like to thank you once again for your help and support on my story about immigration. I am enclosing a copy of an article with some quotes of interviews with [your press referral clients]. You created a whole network to do this project in a very professional manner. I hope we keep in touch in the future. And if I could be of any help don’t hesitate to call me. The story was published in several Spanish newspapers in the US, Mexico and South America. My gratitude and regards to (your staff.) Thank you.

From USA Today:
Lisa: Thank you SO MUCH for your help contacting folks to talk about Three Kings Day. The story is in today’s newspaper, in the Money section. Hope we can work together again.