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Are you ready to serve the diverse Asian consumer market?

Find out why Asian Americans will spend $1.2 million more than their Anglo-American counterparts over the course of their lifetime – plus key data on what they’re buying. It’s all in the newest Claritas research report. ​Get your copy today to sell smarter and win bigger!

Are U.S. Asians “crazy” rich? Our research shows that the average U.S. Asian household makes 36% more than the typical U.S. household – and that their spending power will continue to grow. Don't miss out on capturing opportunities with this fast-growing consumer market! 

Learn more about...
  • Median Household Income by Ethnicity/Race
  • Asian Cumulative Lifetime Spending of Households Compared to Other Segment Groups
  • Asian Acculturation Segments and Country of Origin
  • Asian Adult Social Media Usage by platform and device and much, much more!
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