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Rivendell Media

1248 US Hwy 22
Mountainside, NJ 07092
Phone: 908-232-2021
Todd Evans, President and CEO

Rivendell Media is the oldest and most established LGBT Media Rep firm in America. Rivendell Media represent 95% of all LGBT and HIV/AIDS publications, websites and digital properties in the US and Canada.

Rivendell Media is the national's leading gay and lesbian media placement firm, currently representing nearly every gay and lesbian publication in the US and Canada as their exclusive national advertising representative. As the nation's leading experts in LGBT & HIV/AIDS media, we apply our 40 years of experience to providing clients and agencies with our professional advice on planning and implementing the most effect campaign for their needs. When you work with Rivendell, you are working directly with the publications we represent. Our services are completely free to agencies and clients, as we are paid by our media properties. We handle all the work typically involved in ad placement: we supply you with the most current deadlines, rates and art specs, and take care of everything to ensure your campaign runs smoothly. We make sure that your ads run as scheduled and supply tear sheets, screen shots and checking copies as proof of insertion. Our service make reaching the LGBT market easy and profitable for you.

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Understanding LGBT Media Habits by Todd Evans, Rivendell Media

Our POV as featured in Outlook for Multicultural Marketing in 2019 - Your Multicultural Marketing News January 2019 Newsletter

The LGBT Market Has Unique Media Habits- 2019 Is All About Understanding the Consumer.
Unlike other minority markets, the LGBT market has no large-circulation national print titles and no television networks for mass reach.  As LGBT rights evolved state by state, most LGBT media is local and print based.  Because of this, our media habits are completely different from the Black and Hispanic markets, where television, digital and mobile play dominant roles. In fact, what's most interesting in LGBT media is print is still king, with circulation of local print titles growing for the third year in a row.  With an evolved print market and their digital extensions, LGBT titles have done a wonderful job of making national ads a part of their editorial and their readers look for companies that are present and pursuing the market.  Yes, digital plays an role too but because large parts of the LGBT community are still not out, programmatic targeting is not recommended.  Mobile marketing may also not be as effective as with other groups, as LGBT's were some of the first to use apps for meeting, and most commonly for meeting Mr. Right or Mr. Right now, so they might not be as receptive as other groups in this platform. This means in order to reach the LGBT consumer; a savvy yet simple technique work best.  Why is print still so important in LGBT media?  We can only guess- but we think a lot has to do with our community's visibility and Trumpism, so getting trusted news by and for our community is important. By Todd Evans, President and CEO, Rivendell Media. For more information, please contact todd@rivendellmedia.com, 908-232-2021 ext 210. View company profile here.

Business Type: Media-Print, Media-Website
Markets: LGBT Market
Industry Expertise: Automotive,Banking,Beverages-Alcoholic,Pharma/Health,Travel/Tourism
Services: Digital/Interactive,Media,Media Planning-Buying,Social Media

Number of employees: 9

Percent Minority Owned: 100%

Percent Woman Owned: 0%
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